All I want to do is make art and help people.

Luckily, it's what I get to do pretty much every day, which is something I'm incredibly grateful for. Originally I am from Perth, but I moved to Melbourne and completed my Bachelor of Communication Design from Monash University at the end of 2016. I am now working as a Graduate Designer at MYOB, making the lives of small business owners and accountants better by improving the experience they have with our products. This experience has been invaluable in educating me on user experience and product design principles. I have the opportunity to learn from incredible and experienced designers and work on products to better our community. I hope to continue this focus on human centered design throughout my career, as I really do love improving the lives of others through design. I also want to make sure that I keep on learning from others - both designers and those in other fields.

Technical Skills: Visual design using the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects) and Sketch; Some programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
User Experience Skills: Story-telling; Service design; Journey mapping; Contextual inquiry; Usabillity testing; Information synthesis; Workshop facilitation.
Martial Arts Skills: Absolutely none.

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