MelbiSense helps children from Australia and overseas make sense of the fantastic city that is Melbourne.

As a redesign of the interactivity within Melbourne's Tourism Centre, this program focuses on encouraging children to explore Melbourne through the use of games and rewards. Through use of a mobile app and a GPS or bluetooth wristband, children will be rewarded for visiting cultural sites by gaining points based on the sites and the length of time they spend there. Parents are able to program this through the app, meaning they can encourage their child to stay longer at somewhere they wouldn't usually, such as an art gallery. The child is then rewarded by gaining points that they are able to trade for prizes. The wristband will also work as a tracker, making it easier to find lost children in the city. To make Melbourne more child friendly and to encourage the use of this program, there will be screens at each cultural site that welcome the child in their own language. As many children that come to the city struggle with reading, due to their age or being from a non-English speaking country, bright colours and gestures through the use of a hand symbol help get past the language barrier that currently exists.