Shark Tracker is an educational app for children and adults alike, that allows anyone to interact with the natural beauty around them.

Shark Tracker allows people to see sharks near them and learn more about these beautiful animals. As quite misunderstood creatures, it is important to educate people and allow them to form a connection with individual animals in order to ensure their survival as a species. Therefore, this app was designed not so users can find where sharks are and avoid them, but rather so that they can see the creatures they are sharing the ocean with and understand their individual lives and personalities. With the Shark Tracker app, users can see sharks and rays near them, and by clicking on an individual shark they are able to see not only information about the species but about that particular shark. They can also read fun facts that create a further connection between shark and user.

The icons in this app were all individually created using Adobe Illustrator. Each descriptive illustration of a shark or ray was designed to make it seem friendly and cute, making sharks seem less scary and more interesting for children. These icons are cohesive and use a consistent colour scheme, something that was carried through into the app screens. The screens were designed for use on an iPad.